The art of saying ‘no’

Why saying ‘yes’ is the norm?

In today’s world, saying ‘yes’ is kind of a default. We are in this constant need for validation and while the majority of it comes from likes and comments, saying ‘yes’ to people even when reluctant, plays a huge role in defining our personalities and priorities.

The taboo of saying ‘no’.

The word ‘no’ has a very negative connotation when it comes to our day to day living. Due to this, it has become more of a sign of being rude or impolite.

How this structure affects us?

This negatively affects us. If not used properly, we can spread ourselves too thin. This will get in the way of our goals and achievements and leads to a feeling of dissatisfaction and loneliness.

Sorting out priorities.

Learning to say no does not mean that we should just stop helping others out. It means that we need to find that perfect balance where we can help not only others but also ourselves. To do so, we need to sort out our priorities as correctly as possible. Sure, we are human beings and life can get messy at times. But self-reflection and taking a step back to take a look at what’s important can go a long way.

Saying ‘yes’ to stuff that helps us in the long run and saying ‘no’ to others.

Sometimes, we just have to put our head down and do it, no matter what. It might not be something we like but it could be beneficial in the long run. In cases like these, sorting out the priorities (point #3) is helpful as it gives us a clear picture of what we want, what we ought to do and what we should just leave behind.

Know your limits.

We are all humans. We have our flaws. While we wish to be 100% efficient, most of the times, we could not fulfil that. It is important to be aware of our limitations. And embrace them. If they can be changed and make us a better person, then we should try to work on it. Human beings cannot live in isolation. We thrive in a community-based environment. Always saying ‘no’ might not be an option all the time. But, take care of ourselves before saying ‘yes’ to anything else only makes us more efficient.

Don’t say it. Just do it.

While it is helpful to have some guidance when starting afresh, nothing is more effective than actually acting on it. Action is perhaps the most important thing in this case. There will always be something in our mind to stop us from taking a step. The intention is to break the inertia and build new momentum.

(Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash)

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