Milestone Unlocked

Just another random post about something that caught my eyes today.

I was spending time reading some blogs, when I came across this:

When I promised myself to get back to my old hobby of blogging at the beginning of this year, I wanted to be consistent. So, I planned to post at least once a week for the entire year.

The math led to this:

1 year = 54 weeks

1 post a week → 54 posts in total

So, when I saw the above stat pop up on my blog, I could not help but feel proud of myself. This is a small achievement, but for me, it is one nonetheless. I have been very clear about my struggle for consistency in the long run. I made this blog 3 years ago, but for the first 2 years, I had only managed to post around 6 articles. So, when I started blogging seriously, getting out a post every week seemed daunting even though I love writing.

The truth is, I started enjoying blogging so much that I reached my goal even before the year ended. I started posting more than once a week, and it became a highlight for me. And seeing myself being consistent with something is an amazing feeling.

This post serves nothing, to be frank. However, to the people out there, who are intimidated by something they want to do, all I say is – Start slow. Start small. Give yourself space and watch it become something bigger and better.

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