I have a confession

Last year, in a post, I stated that I want to take my blogging journey seriously. That meant, being consistent and fairly regular with blogging. After much thought, I decided to post one blog post per week. I decided Saturday to be that day.

Till the end of April, I was consistent. However, I also started to love blogging. So, I felt that posting on scheduled days made me restrictive. So, I figured to wing it. Post whenever I feel like, but still keep my oath of churning out at least one post per week.

I followed this pattern till July. I struggled.

I figured that I work better with set routines. But I also wanted to post more than just once a week. So I changed my posting frequency to twice a week – on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I allowed myself the liberty to slip a day or so. However, never to miss an entire week.

This went quite well for a couple of months.

October has been a very exhaustive month for personal reasons. I had to deal with several tumultuous moments. I am trying to get through it, and it messed up my blogging routine. I managed to post at least once a week (thus, poorly upholding my promise), but I struggled with everything on my plate.

I am still trying to find my groove.

So, yes, I have a confession – I struggled to uphold my promise. But still, I did. And no, I don’t feel like blogging is a chore for me. After many experiments, I found that set routines and deadlines work the best for me – it keeps me on track.

So, I decided to go back to my biweekly bandwagon. Churn out a couple of posts a week and create what I love to do the most.

Let’s see where it takes me…

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