2020: A Year of Blogging

I was thinking of doing a recap of 2020 before changing it into a post where I focus on the blogging aspect of 2020. Since today is the last day of 2020, I thought it’d be better to conclude the year by reflecting on my blogging journey throughout the year.

2020 has been a tumultuous year for many people. I am no exception. So, I thought, instead of focusing on the lot, I can focus on something that has a positive vibe to it (for me, of course) – aka, my blogging journey.

How it all (re)started

I made this blog in July 2017, thinking of unleashing my creative spirit as a blogger/creative writer. At that time, both the terms were synonymous in my case. Non-fiction writing? No way can I ever write that! I am just not cut out for that! I am not even close to being good enough for that.

A note – I am still not good enough for that.

With a few posts here and there, on a bi-annual basis, I was close to giving up the blog after a year or so. Nah! It’s the usual deal of consistency. Clearly, I suck at it!

It was during November 2019 that I started considering picking it up as a habit again. Do not get me wrong. I loved writing. And blogging. I was in high school when I first started blogging. Albeit, I am never going to reveal anything about my old blog. It is too corny to be recognised.

In December 2019, I finally gained the courage to restart my blog again. After having devoured many blog posts, articles, and videos online, I have developed new interests in the last few years – such as productivity, organisation, minimalism, and other lifestyle-related stuff. But, am I credible enough to write about that stuff? I thought of just sharing my experience. I have found out that I work better with accountability. Therefore, the blog was a medium to hold me accountable for what I preach, as everything I put is just out there in the open.

What did I plan?

I wanted to start small. Take baby steps. I am a massive believer in breaking the inertia and building momentum. So, I decided to post once a week and see how it goes. I started enjoying it a lot. Each week I was looking forward to Saturday, the designated day to post on my blog.

I started experimenting

By the end of April, I was feeling restricted when it came to blogging. I thought, “Why not change it up? Post whenever I like while keeping my weekly update plan in check.” With that being said, I started blogging more spontaneously in May. I enjoyed it at first; then, it became a chore. Not that I fell out of love with it, it’s just that I feel I am better when working under restrictions. Having a set routine helps me.

One post a day

On June 30th, I received a piece of unfavourable news. Life suddenly took a turn for me. A prevalent way for me to cope is to write—a lot. I thought, “Oh well, maybe if I blog every day for a month, it would help me.” I was looking at it as a form of therapy—an aid towards catharsis. In July, I blogged daily for a week. However, I saw that my post quality was deteriorating. That was evident since I was dealing with a lot of things – both externally and internally. Yes, writing is still therapeutic for me. But being a perfectionist, I was not willing to post half-hearted articles. That is not why I started this blog.

I stopped the daily posts after a week and went back to my struggling rhythm of spontaneity.

A new plan

By August, life developed a new normal to live by. I wanted to post more but being spontaneous was not my thing. I got that by now. I am inherently lazy. So, having a schedule is how I roll and get things done. In August, I took up blogging twice a week.

It started well. It still is.

To conclude

After experimenting with different schedules and ways, I came to a conclusion – I love blogging, and schedules are great for me. With the advent of the new year, I have a lot of things planned for this blog. And while I know that we can set goals any day of the week, month and year, something about a blank canvas is truly invigorating.

As mentioned earlier, consistency is not my strong suit. However, that being said, I am delighted that I did not deter my plans for this blog. I managed to churn out at least a post every week for an entire year. Sometimes, more, like in December when the Muse blessed me a lot. I met like-minded people here. Made friends. And got back to a hobby that is so close to my heart.

I am pretty self-critical. Therefore, it becomes hard for me to take pride in my work and efforts. But when it comes to blogging, it is easily one of the top 3 things I am proud of. Being a blogger helped me a lot. And I know that I am not done with it. In fact, I am looking for more.

From 2021, I plan to blog on a bi-weekly basis – every Wednesday and Saturday. It is the best schedule for me till now. I hope to interact more with other lovely bloggers here. My interaction has been low this year. Mainly due to my introvert nature. However, what’s life without stepping out of the comfort zone? Let’s break barriers in 2021! 💪🏽

Note: Depending on where you are and when you read this, a very Happy New Year (in advance). I know 2020 was difficult. And while just a turn of the year won’t make a pandemic disappear, it is still exciting to have a fresh start.

Here’s to 2021! 🥂 Meet you on the other side!

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