The Three-Tier Method: How to set goals and crush them?

Goals are essential while navigating through the journey of life. Especially during this time. We are motivated and enthusiastic about making a change. If not dealt with properly, it can become demotivating in the long run. We do not want that, do we? We want our goals to fuel us, not slow us down in the process. Therefore, it is vital to find a strategy that works. Given below is the way I carve out my system of establishing my goals and confronting them. I’d like to say that in no way am I saying that this is the ultimate method to crush your goals. However, I believe that carving out a system for yourself happens with a lot of trial and error. This is just a sneak-peak of my system. Because I wanted to make it sound cooler than it is, I christened it as The Three-Tier Method. This is not a new system designed by me, by the way. Just thought that a name makes it sound more serious (lol).

The Three-Tier Method

This system is divided into three levels – Goals, Destinations, and Milestones. Each of these levels forms a tier or a hierarchy. The motto is: “Divide and Conquer.” In each tier, we divide the ultimate goal into the smallest possible units (i.e., Milestones) and take small steps to accomplish them.

Here is a visual representation of The Three-Tier Method:

A visual representation of The Three-Tier Method

How to crush your goals?

Now that you have a graphical representation of the whole system, it is time to launch action and enact the plan practically. Given below are the chronological steps to make that happen:

Decide on a goal

Having a goal, a final point is vital to move forward. It acts as your north star. It is a compass that guides the ship (i.e., you) along. Therefore, deciding on a goal is essential to propel yourself forward in the long run.

Have a destination in mind

Defining what you want is very important. Therefore it is essential to set a destination. Note that the destination might not be absolute. It might be a milestone of a bigger goal. For instance, if your goal is to run a marathon, you can just set running 5k at a stretch as your end goal for now. This makes it easier to follow the goal and not be intimidated by it. So, decide on a destination. It makes the journey more substantial.

Envision the journey

After you have set the destinations, it is crucial to arrange them in the right order. Sorting them out properly would enable you to focus on one thing at a time. Taking too much at once can be detrimental in the long run. Therefore, setting one destination at a time would lead you to be more consistent and thriving along the way.

Break it down

Attacking a goal at once would lead you to become demotivated in the long run. After you have broken down your goals into smaller destinations, it is imperative to further deconstruct them into sizable chunks of milestones. Breaking it down into the smallest units would make the goal seem less daunting and help you on your journey towards achieving it. It is these small pieces that you focus on rather than the bigger goals. This is equivalent to taking baby steps.

Take action

After everything has been determined comes the most important and serious step of all – taking acting. In order to fulfil a goal, you have to move. As I always tell myself – break the inertia and build momentum. Once you are able to do it over and over again and establish a routine, it becomes easier. Doing little at a time is the key. Getting accustomed to the actions would lessen the friction, help you achieve your milestone, which will, in turn, bring you closer to your destination and the goal.


I hope this has been helpful. By no means am I saying that I am an expert on this topic. This is something I am interested in and is exploring along the way. Every individual has a system. I am always interested in hearing about them as it allows me to reflect on my system and optimise it.

So, what is your goal-setting system?


6 thoughts on “The Three-Tier Method: How to set goals and crush them?”

  1. I haven’t heard much about the three-tier method but I always try to break my goals down to smaller more achievable ones and then work towards something bigger from there. Great post!

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  2. Such a great method. I’m trying to work on something and this is so helpful. Definitely going to plan milestones, destinations to the goal. Will update you if it helped. 😊
    Great post!

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