(Not) Always Available

In today’s hyperconnected world, the state of being unavailable is losing its credibility. We are at an age where connections are at our fingertips. When we connect with someone, we are always looking for the fast reply. This is one example of instant gratification. Think back. How many times had someone called you incessantly after you did not pick it up on your first two tries? And if someone has a mutual connection, did they ever call the latter to get hold of you? I hope I am not the only one to experience this! We are at a state where we need fast answers, we are not willing to wait.

Gone are the days of answering machines and waiting for others to get your call and reply. Nowadays, if you do not react fast, you are being rude.

Make a decision… and stick to it

The very first step is to recognise the concern and make a decision based on that. If you think that you are being available all the time, at the expense of your well-being, then it is important to take a step back and analyse the whole situation. All those availabilities can be overwhelming and weigh you down (I talk from experience). In that case, you have to come up with a solution and stick to it. for instance, if you plan to not reply to people are after 9pm at night (barring a few people of course), then make sure that you are abiding by that rule.

Let people know about your concerns

In today’s world, where it is so easy to stay connected to each other, albeit, on a more superficial level, it might be difficult for some people to know where to draw a line. If that is the case with someone you know, then let them know your boundaries. Tell them that the reason you did not pick up the call at 10pm because you do not reply after 9pm, unless in dire situations. Or that you’d be unavailable during your office time so it is easier to call you after 5pm. Some people might think that this is weird or even, rude. But they will come around in the end as it becomes a new normal.


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Respect the boundaries

If you want other people to respect the line, then you have to respect the boundaries too. You cannot say that you would not pick up the call or text back after 9pm and then do the same yourself. Sure, there are some exceptions – parents, best friends, even partners. However, not everyone makes an exception – make sure that you choose the people intentionally.

Just ignore it

There might be some people, who would still be adamant to cross the line even after you have made it known to them. In that case, it is better to ignore them. Put it on “Do not Disturb” mode for the night, so that no one, barring a few closed ones could wait for a better time. We are always thinking that every call or texts we witness are mostly for an emergency. But that might not be the case. And trust me, apart from a selected and close few, others might not even need your help during any kind of issue. They have their own circle to help them take care of it. It is necessary to take care of yourself before helping others.


✍🏽 A Note About Consistency

So, here are some of the ways that I try to unwind from the constantly hyperconnected world. It can get overwhelming at times and taking a step back and recharging your batteries from time to time provides the much-needed relief. Boundaries can go a long way to make life simpler.

What are your ways to unwind in this age of constant availability?

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