Monthly Favourites #6: January 2021

With the first month of 2021 gone, it is time to list down my favourite things for the month. I haven’t done this in a while so I decided to get back to it. I have divided them into four categories and I hope that you’d be able to get recommendations and try it on your own.

Favourite Book

I finally got a library just 10 minutes from my house and I read Agatha Christie’s At Bertram’s Hotel. I love Agatha Christie’s work. She is one of my most favourite authors. This was my first Miss Marple story. Although I craved for more of Miss Marple’s involvement in the story (with respect to Poirot in the other stories), I still enjoyed it. It only goes on to say that Agatha Christie is on whole another level when it comes to writing crime fiction!


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Favourite Playlist

I subscribed to the frequent “co-working sessions” with the Youtuber, Ali Abdaal. Basically, for one hour, we work out to two Pomodoro sessions where we work on our stuff on Zoom. More than 500 people are subscribed to it and although it is all virtual, the accountability plays a huge role in getting work done. From there, I came to know about his “Study with Me” playlist that contains all sorts of instrumental music to let you focus on getting work done. It is amazingly curated and I have been using that for weeks now (in fact, I am using it as I write this blog post).

Favourite Dish

As mentioned in my gratitude log for January, I went out with a couple of times last month. One of the outings involved lunch and we went to this Korean restaurant, where we had Gimbap and Dakgangjeong. I also had an egg tart, which is one good savoury dish! Loved the new cuisine, especially Dakgangjeong, and I cannot wait to try more foreign dishes! After all, the world has so much to offer! Why not unlock its potential as much as we can?

Favourite Movies

After almost a year, I managed to watch a movie in the cinemas. I was really anticipating the second instalment of Wonder Woman and loved it. Albeit, I prefer the first one more, personally, the second instalment did not disappoint. I also saw Soul with a friend last month and the movie is really sweet and musical. I really love animated movies like Hotel Transylvania and Minions. So, liking Soul is not a big surprise for me. I also particularly loved the messages both the movies put forth to their viewers. I would highly recommend watching them if you have not done so already!


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📢 What are your favourite things from last month?

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