When You Should Allow Yourself To DNF Books?

In one of my recent posts, I justified the reasons to DNF a book. I strongly believe in curating your life as much as possible in terms of value and optimisation. However, I also believe in giving chances. And that extends to books and reading too. So, in today’s post, I will be talking about the times DNF-ing a book might be applicable.


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The plot does not intrigue you

The plot of any book acts as the main extract of a story. Therefore, you must find it interesting while you are reading it. If the plot does not interest you in the long run, then it is better to quit reading it or even taking a break for a while before returning to it after some time.

The content in the book does not resonate with you

This is particularly applicable for non-fiction books. Not everything you read in a book is going to connect with you. It is worth giving the book a try. However, if what the author is saying does not move you in the slightest bit, then the best way to move on is to quit and make room for something better and more interesting according to your taste.


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You still feel distant after giving it 100 pages

I admit that DNF-ing a book after a few pages is not fair. I feel like in this case, we did not even give the book and its author a chance to redeem themselves. However, 100 pages is a fair limit. By then, you would be aware of the plot of the book and realise whether you like it or not. Therefore, using the 100-pages limit is a fair way to decide whether you would be continuing with a book or not.

You are in need of a break

Sometimes, life can get us and we need to take a breather, even when we love reading for enjoyment. If that is the case when you are in, the middle of reading a book and are feeling bored or exhausted by it, then it is always better to take a break and then go back to it when you have a clearer head. Taking breaks is essential for our mental and physical well-being.

At the end of the day, always remember that it is up to you whether you want to quit a book or not. You do not need to answer anyone regarding this matter. Do not force yourself to do the things (or read the books) you do not want to. Life is too short to take into account some nuances.

Do you know of any other conditions on when to DNF a book? What are your factors and stance regarding this topic?

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