5 Things to Remember About New Year’s Resolutions

2022 will be coming in a few hours (or it has already come for some of you)! I bet many of you have resolutions in mind. So, here are few last-minute things to keep in mind while starting on them (and yes, it goes for me too!).

📝 Write them down

The most effective resolutions are those that are specific, focused, and written down. This makes it much easier to reach your goals and ensures that you stay on track. Writing your resolutions down also helps you make more precise decisions, which is crucial for success. Having a concrete goal in front of you forces you to act, and it helps you set yourself up for success. To help you achieve your resolutions, here are some tips.

🤝🏼 Have a support group

It can be helpful to have a support group of people who have similar goals as you. While you may feel more motivated if you’re in a larger group, finding like-minded people can be an invaluable motivational force during the long winter months. Whether you’re part of a large or small group, you can share your goals and experiences with others, which will keep you inspired and motivated to follow through.

📌 Be specific

The most important part of a resolution is to be realistic and achievable. It’s not easy to accomplish something you’ve never done before. For instance, if you’re trying to be fitter, it’s essential to set achievable goals, but you can’t make it too ambitious. The goal should be realistic. If you’re a person who loves food, it’s important to keep resolutions.

🖼️ Look at the big picture

If you’re not keeping your resolutions, try focusing on what you want instead of the result. The more realistic the goals, the easier it will be to achieve them. Having a goal to work towards is the best way to stay motivated. By keeping your resolutions, you’ll feel more fulfilled and happier in the long run. You will be a better person than you were last year.

🥰 Be lenient

If you’re a person who struggles with keeping their resolutions, you’re not alone. Many people find it difficult to keep their resolutions. Even when the economy is in a recession, we are more likely to be discouraged and less motivated than we’ve been in previous years. But it’s important to remember that making resolutions is the only way to keep yourself motivated. If you’re a person who is motivated and has goals, then setting goals is important.

That’s it for today! It’d been quite a year for me! Hope to bounce back in 2022. To everyone reading this, have a very prosperous 2022 and do not forget, this is just a date, a number. Do not get discouraged if things get hard.

Here’s to 2022!🥂 See you on the other side!👋🏾

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