My 2022 Reading Goals

New year, new reading goals!

After a good year of reading, I am determined to make more of this year and expand my horizons along the way. I have been trying to develop and optimise my reading habits. So, continuing from my last post, which, I am using as a form of introspection, here are 7 goals to better my reading habits this year.

📚 Read 48 books

As stated in my blog post, I plan to step closer to my dream of reading 50 books a year. I don’t want to get hyped and lose track of how much I can handle and so, this year, I am going to add 3 more books to my last year’s number and try to finish 48 books. I am off to a great start and hope to continue this momentum till the end of 2022. Fingers crossed on this one!

🏛️ Going back to the Classics

I haven’t been able to read classics much, since the completion of my degree in 2019. Last month, I read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens and enjoyed it. So, this year, I am going to dip my toes into Classics again and reminiscent of the old times!

📖 Read books with 400+ pages

I have a confession. I have a fear of big books. Anything more than 400 pages, I either run the opposite direction or look for an audiobook. I believe it is because I love trying out new books and any book with more than 400 pages requires a lot of patience and attention from me. While audiobooks are a great substitute in this case, and I absolutely love them, it’d be great to break my fear and be able to consume big books once a while!

🧠 Read more psychological thrillers

I love love love psychological thrillers! However, last year, I seemed to have lagged behind a bit. I started this year with Lucy Foley’s The Hunting Party and remembered my love for this genre. It is amazing to delve into the psyche’s of the human mind and see their dark and light fantasies. So, this year, I hope to read more of them.

💪 Read 1 non-fiction book a month

Let me be honest. I am really slow with non-fiction books. In my defense, I feel like non-fiction books can be repetitive with the obvious and glaring points. However, some, like Digital Minimalism and Atomic Habits, can be really informative. So, I want to be more mindful of choosing the right non-fiction books. Therefore, I am planning to read one non-fiction book a month to help me become a better person!

🗺️ Read in more than one language

I mostly consume content in English. However, I would love to read more in my mother tongue, and also polish up my French. I am also learning German and one of the best ways to improve your vocabulary is reading. So, I plan to read books other than English, especially some simple books in German. Hopefully, by the end of the year, I will be comfortable consuming content in German!

🎧 Listen to more audiobooks

I know this does not fall under “reading” goals, but I am still going to include it. This is my fourth year going into audiobooks, and they are one of the best things for me! I would love to increase my retention level along with the speed. That only means more practice. And since, I already love listening to audiobooks, I am very much looking forward to it.

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