Book Review Policy

I am open to reviewing books from publishing companies and self-published authors. All my reviews are honest, which means that I can write a negative review if I do not like a book. I finish the entire book before I review it. Please note that it takes around a month for me to complete a book and review it accordingly. It might take longer if I already have pending book requests. You will be informed about the duration beforehand. I will only accept the review if you are satisfied with the duration.

Since most of my audience comes from the English-speaking world, I review books written in English.

I generally post reviews on Goodreads and my blog. If I get a book from BookSirens or Netgalley, then I will also post the review on the respective site. Once the reviews are posted, I will inform you about them immediately.

In exchange for my honest review, I just need a digital version of your book. I promise not to share the document with anyone else without permission.

My favourite genres are crime and mystery thrillers, detective novels, self-help, and modern fiction. But, I am open to other genres too. Please note that I have the right to refuse a request if I feel like it.

I rate the books I read, here is an overview of my rating system.

How to contact me for a book review?

If you are interested in having your book reviewed by me, you can send me an email here. While emailing me, please note the points stated below:

  1. Write “Book Review” as the subject: It will be easier for me to find your email in my inbox.
  2. Give me the link to your book on Goodreads (BookSirens/Netgalley): This would let us avoid any confusion down the line. Also, I would know where to post my review.
  3. Do not send the book first: Let us discuss the time limit and other conditions before finalising the deal.
  4. If possible, let me know how you found my blog and what got you interested. 🙂

Feel free to contact me if you have any more questions.