How to Overcome Writer’s Block?

In one of his podcast episodes, Cal Newport mentions that he (and other professional writers) does not believe in writer's block. His stance is pretty similar to Chuck Close, who says, “Inspiration is for amateurs.” They state that what writer's block feels like for other people is just a usual process for an experienced writer. So, … Continue reading How to Overcome Writer’s Block?

Sorting Out My Planning System

I have always struggled with finding the perfect planning system for years. Do I go digital or do I continue with analog? How about a bit of both? If I do both, would I be able to handle it? There had been tons and tons of questions in my mind. As a natural overthinker, it … Continue reading Sorting Out My Planning System

Audiobooks, eBooks or Paperbacks – a Comparison

On one of my previous posts, a fellow blogger pointed out an issue with audiobooks. Every advice is great but as far as audio books are concerned, well they don’t have the smell of the books🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ This made me think about writing a blog post regarding the pros and cons of the various mediums for … Continue reading Audiobooks, eBooks or Paperbacks – a Comparison

Time Management Tips (‘Secrets’ Edition)

Recently, I completed Martin Manser's Secrets: Time Management. I picked up the book at a book fair for just half the price and I must admit, it was worth it. Martin Manser pens down various practical tips to manage your time effectively and be intentional with your productivity. So, after reading the book, I decided … Continue reading Time Management Tips (‘Secrets’ Edition)