I Did Something From My Bucket List!

11 years ago, I came across the concept of a bucket list. Like any other teenager, I immediately formulated mine, with the hopes to strike off the items someday. Over the years, I have been doing the easier stuff like, ‘get my driver’s licence’ or ‘go on a trip with friends.’ However, last week, I… Continue reading I Did Something From My Bucket List!

In Search for Mental Clarity

Indecisiveness is a major problem, and if we have mental clarity, we will have a clearer focus and can make better decisions. Having mental clarity helps us see the world as it is, not as we would like others to see it. It helps us appreciate the little things in life. It also helps us… Continue reading In Search for Mental Clarity

Embracing Hardships

This is one of my rambly posts, just something I wrote for myself and decided to share it here. I tried to keep it short. However, if this is not for you, feel free to skip! 🙂 I will be back soon with something more useful! Whether you are dealing with a financial problem or… Continue reading Embracing Hardships

The Need to Slow Down

Another rambling post. Feel free to skip if you want. I took a break from blogging from mid-February to mid-March. It was not planned. It just happened. Although I had to struggle a bit to conform to the newfound arrangement, with time, it became a new normal. I am big on consistency. Last year, I… Continue reading The Need to Slow Down

Just another confession

This is nothing but a rambling post! If you are here to read about something interesting, then I can assure you that this is not it! So, if you want to do something better with your time, I won't mind if you do not continue. 😂 Over the last couple of days, I have been… Continue reading Just another confession

2020: A Year of Blogging

I was thinking of doing a recap of 2020 before changing it into a post where I focus on the blogging aspect of 2020. Since today is the last day of 2020, I thought it'd be better to conclude the year by reflecting on my blogging journey throughout the year. 2020 has been a tumultuous… Continue reading 2020: A Year of Blogging

100+ followers! Thank you so much!

Wow! 100+ followers on my blog! I cannot thank you guys enough for this. It might be a minimal amount to some, but for me, who had like, 3 followers when I started to update the blog this year regularly, this feels amazing! I will be honest - I try not to set a quantitative… Continue reading 100+ followers! Thank you so much!

I have a confession

Last year, in a post, I stated that I want to take my blogging journey seriously. That meant, being consistent and fairly regular with blogging. After much thought, I decided to post one blog post per week. I decided Saturday to be that day. Till the end of April, I was consistent. However, I also… Continue reading I have a confession

I am struggling with discipline this year

This is not a planned post. I came across the idea of writing this a few minutes ago. I am supposed to write an assignment for work. However, I am struggling to focus right now, and I figured that many of us are in this predicament. So, I took some time off to write this… Continue reading I am struggling with discipline this year

It’s okay to take a break

After experimenting with my schedule for sometime this year, I fixed a biweekly posting frequency on this blog. I planned to post every Wednesday and Saturday. However, last Saturday, I diverted from the said frequency. I don’t have an excuse apart from that life got in the way. Could I have still posted it accordingly?… Continue reading It’s okay to take a break