My favourite mantras (Part 3)

Last week, I shared my updated list of quotes. This week, I thought of sharing another short post of my 5 top mantras that I gathered since I last posted about them (you can find them here and here). So, here they are: Be a victor, not a victim.Live consciously.Make time.Be present.Rise above. That's it… Continue reading My favourite mantras (Part 3)

Why do I blog instead of YouTube?

Here’s a question I didn’t think of until today. 😂 Why do I blog instead of creating YouTube videos? I have never been asked this question directly, but came across a handful of people who thought that being a YouTuber has a greater return on investment than being a blogger. So, I gave it some… Continue reading Why do I blog instead of YouTube?

My favourite quotes

Quite some time ago, I posted my favourite quotes (here, here and here). So, I thought I'd keep today's post short and pithy by continuing the tradition. Here are some recent additions to my list: “When you can’t win by being talented, you win by being different.” — James Clear“Persevere. Nothing worthwhile is easy.” —… Continue reading My favourite quotes

5 Purchases that Improved My Life

We buy stuff in order to make our lives easier. However, we are living in a world driven by consumerism. And sometimes, we can be impulsive with our money! However, it is important to take a moment and determine what role a thing will play in our lives, before purchasing it, no matter how small… Continue reading 5 Purchases that Improved My Life

6 Reasons to Buy an E-reader

On July 27, 2021, I finally caved in and bought an e-reader as an early birthday present for myself. Since then, I have promoted it to be one of my top 5 purchases, coming second, right after my camera! I have wanted to buy an e-reader since 2015. At that time, I was a mere… Continue reading 6 Reasons to Buy an E-reader

My 2021 Reads: A Thorough Analysis of my Reading Stats

2021 had been quite a good year for me in terms of reading. Not only did I get closer to my ideal reading goal but also fell more in love with reading. As a birthday present, I also bought my first ever e-reader and has been able to cover a lot more books, thanks to… Continue reading My 2021 Reads: A Thorough Analysis of my Reading Stats

The One Where I Watched All The ‘FRIENDS’ Thanksgiving Episodes

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. And while it is not something we celebrate here, it sure gives me an excuse to watch all the FRIENDS Thanksgiving episodes this month. Because, why not? So, here I am, writing about it and ranking them according to my favourites. 1. The One Where Underdog Gets Away (Season 1, 1994) The… Continue reading The One Where I Watched All The ‘FRIENDS’ Thanksgiving Episodes

My Favourite [Bookish] Quotes

I love books. I love collecting quotes. In today's short post, I figured to write down ten of my favourite quotes from the various books I have had read over the years. Related Posts: My 5 Favourite Quotes More of my favourite quotes "Biology is not destiny, and love is not proportionate to shared DNA."… Continue reading My Favourite [Bookish] Quotes

Building the momentum

We all like to be a little bit better, perhaps, more productive, more focused, more 'something.' While life can throw us a curveball now and then, most of the time, what stops us is our current inertia. Here are two words that play a role in determining our progress. Inertia → "the tendency of a… Continue reading Building the momentum