My Rating System

In order to get a clear view of how I rate books (primarily so, but this also applies to movies/TV shows/podcasts), I devised this table, depicting my rating system:

πŸ“š 5-stars: Impactful β€” This book is pretty flawless and made an impact on my life. I loved how the author carved the story and the whole plot made me think about the issues and delve deeper into them. It has fundamentally changed my views in some way. This is a book that I would recommend to other people.

πŸ“š 4-stars: Loved it β€” I was really hooked by the story and would definitely recommend it to other people. There is a chance that I pulled an all-nighter reading it. There might be a few things that didn’t convince me to give it an all-star review, or maybe it just did not rub me the best way possible, but nevertheless, I believe it has a great potential.

πŸ“š 3-stars: Satisfactory, a good-read β€” I definitely enjoyed my time reading it. It was mostly good and while, there might have been a few things that made me give 3-stars, it was a positive experience overall. I’d still recommend it to others, even though it might not be my favourite read.

πŸ“š 2-stars: Fine, could be better β€” I might have liked the book, but it mostly hinges on the negatives for me. These might include certain qualities lacking in the writing style, such as, poor characterisations, undeveloped plots and unsatisfactory endings.

πŸ“š 1-star: Not happy with it at all β€” I disliked several things about this book. It is definitely not my cup of tea. I could not bring myself to enjoy reading it and some things in this book might have been troubling or offensive to me.

πŸ“š Fractional Ratings: Sometimes it is hard to give a whole star to a book. In that case, I give a fractional rating. It suggests an arbitrary line between two whole-numbered ratings.