More of my favourite mantras

A couple of weeks ago, I published an updated version of my favourite quotes. Since I had written about my favourite mantras a few months prior to that, I thought of updating it too. So here is a list of more mantras that I've added to the record since the last time. Begin.Make time.Express yourself.Trust… Continue reading More of my favourite mantras

Food for Thought

An unexpected change took place yesterday. And it provided me with extra time in my hands for this month. Now, here comes the options, the choices. What to do? What not to do? Since I have found out that I work better when held accountable, I decided to post it here. For this month, I… Continue reading Food for Thought

My 15 Favourite Mantras

I was planning to jot down some tips that I read in Martin Manser's book Secrets: Time Management last week. However, with the current situation, it looks a bit odd to dole out some time management tips that I came across in some book. So, I ended up taking some inspiration from my last blog… Continue reading My 15 Favourite Mantras