What did I Learn After Speed Listening for 3 Years?

Sometime in 2019, I decided to dismount my pedestal and give audiobooks a try. To be frank, it was one of the best decisions in my life and I have not looked back since. Do not get me wrong, I still love reading and I do both every now and then, with a preference to… Continue reading What did I Learn After Speed Listening for 3 Years?

4 Reasons Why You Should Listen to Audiobooks

In this article, I stated the pros and cons of audiobooks by comparing them to other mediums. Today, I am going to provide a serious case of why listening to audiobooks is a great practice, whether you love reading or not. RELATED POSTS: Why should you read?How to read more books?In Defense of Reading Multiple… Continue reading 4 Reasons Why You Should Listen to Audiobooks

My Worst Reading Mistakes

Reading, like everything else in life, follows a trial and error method. I am constantly trying to optimise my reading habits to get the most out of them. Therefore, I listed down four of my major reading mistakes that I have decided to leave behind in 2022. RELATED POSTS: My 2022 Reading GoalsMy 2021 Reads:… Continue reading My Worst Reading Mistakes

My 2022 Reading Goals

New year, new reading goals! After a good year of reading, I am determined to make more of this year and expand my horizons along the way. I have been trying to develop and optimise my reading habits. So, continuing from my last post, which, I am using as a form of introspection, here are… Continue reading My 2022 Reading Goals

Why do I listen to content at double speed?

Over the years, I have developed this unspoken habit of watching YouTube videos at 2x speed. As time passed, I took up the same thing with podcasts and audiobooks. However, there are certain advantages to listen at double speed. Below, I note down my reasons to do so, and why it might be a good… Continue reading Why do I listen to content at double speed?

Audiobooks, eBooks or Paperbacks – a Comparison

On one of my previous posts, a fellow blogger pointed out an issue with audiobooks. Every advice is great but as far as audio books are concerned, well they don’t have the smell of the books🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ This made me think about writing a blog post regarding the pros and cons of the various mediums for… Continue reading Audiobooks, eBooks or Paperbacks – a Comparison

How to get out of a reading slump?

I love reading. I love books. But let's face it! I have experienced reading slump every now and then. And I know, this is not uncommon for many readers out there! Life happens, sometimes, unexpectedly and we get stuck in a rut. However, if we don't try to get out of it, it can take… Continue reading How to get out of a reading slump?