My 2020 Reads: A Recap

2020 has come to an end, and last year, I managed to read 22 books in total. While it might sound nothing considering the amount of posts I have read and looking at the number of other people, I am quite proud of it myself. Yes, I know that numbers aren't anything and it shouldn't… Continue reading My 2020 Reads: A Recap

Fantasy Winter Retreat Book Tag

I was tagged to do this by Riddhi @ Whispering Stories. A big thanks to her. She has a fantastic blogger, and if you have not read her posts yet, head over there and check her out! This tag was created initially by Sumedha over at the Wordy Habitat. She, too, is an excellent blogger!… Continue reading Fantasy Winter Retreat Book Tag

Book Review #10: ‘Lucia’s War’

Note: The author kindly sent me a digital version of her book in exchange for my honest review. A huge thanks to the author for letting me be a part of it. Name: Lucia's War Author: Susan Lanigan Genre: Historical Fiction Book in One Sentence Lucia's War by Susan Lanigan is a tale of existence… Continue reading Book Review #10: ‘Lucia’s War’

The ‘Throne of Glass’ Book Tag

A big thanks to Riddhi @ Whispering Stories for tagging me in this. This is my first time doing a tag and I am so excited! She is an awesome blogger and if you head over to her blog, you'd know that I am right about it! Okay, without further ado, let's do this! Lysandra:… Continue reading The ‘Throne of Glass’ Book Tag

Book Review #8: ‘An Indelible Day’

Note: The author kindly sent me a PDF version of his book in exchange for my honest review. A huge thank you to the author for letting me be a part of it. Name: An Indelible Day Author: Cairo Marques Genre/s: Contemporary, Psychology Synopsis The story accompanies a single day of John C., a man… Continue reading Book Review #8: ‘An Indelible Day’

My Favourite [Bookish] Quotes

I love books. I love collecting quotes. In today's short post, I figured to write down ten of my favourite quotes from the various books I have had read over the years. Related Posts: My 5 Favourite Quotes More of my favourite quotes "Biology is not destiny, and love is not proportionate to shared DNA."… Continue reading My Favourite [Bookish] Quotes