6 Reasons Why You Should Have Hobbies

Having hobbies seems to be an obvious thing. We all love something that we like to do during our free time. However, it needs to be said, since we are a busy generation these days. Hobbies help us relax and unwind. So, here are some of the reasons why having a hobby might be beneficial… Continue reading 6 Reasons Why You Should Have Hobbies

In Defense of DNF: Why you should allow yourself to quit a book?

I am a completionist. If you do not know what that means, well, then, let me explain - the term is mainly used in the gaming world. Somebody who is a completionist would give as much time and energy to the side missions as they would to the main quest. A person who is not,… Continue reading In Defense of DNF: Why you should allow yourself to quit a book?

Milestone Unlocked

Just another random post about something that caught my eyes today. I was spending time reading some blogs, when I came across this: When I promised myself to get back to my old hobby of blogging at the beginning of this year, I wanted to be consistent. So, I planned to post at least once… Continue reading Milestone Unlocked