My favourite mantras (Part 3)

Last week, I shared my updated list of quotes. This week, I thought of sharing another short post of my 5 top mantras that I gathered since I last posted about them (you can find them here and here). So, here they are: Be a victor, not a victim.Live consciously.Make time.Be present.Rise above. That's it… Continue reading My favourite mantras (Part 3)

My favourite quotes

Quite some time ago, I posted my favourite quotes (here, here and here). So, I thought I'd keep today's post short and pithy by continuing the tradition. Here are some recent additions to my list: “When you can’t win by being talented, you win by being different.” — James Clear“Persevere. Nothing worthwhile is easy.” —… Continue reading My favourite quotes

Systems versus Goals

Consider these... Two authors plan to finish their books by the end of the year. One just approaches the task as their final goal, the other plans to write 2000 words a day.Two students plan to sit for an exam in six months. One of them fixates on getting the highest score while the other… Continue reading Systems versus Goals

6 Reasons Why You Should Not Start a Blog

By now, you are probably tired of me stating how much I love blogging. You also know how I encourage others to start a blog too. However, there are some right and wrong reasons to do so. If you are planning to start/have started a blog for any of the following reasons, then, you should… Continue reading 6 Reasons Why You Should Not Start a Blog

Perfection is thy enemy: How to overcome it?

🔎 My Quest for Perfection I have been guilty of being a perfectionist. While there are times, when I have benefitted a lot from it, the stress that comes with it, is inevitable. Not only has my quest for perfection has stressed me out a lot but it also, sometimes, slowed me down and has… Continue reading Perfection is thy enemy: How to overcome it?

Just another confession

This is nothing but a rambling post! If you are here to read about something interesting, then I can assure you that this is not it! So, if you want to do something better with your time, I won't mind if you do not continue. 😂 Over the last couple of days, I have been… Continue reading Just another confession

How to Overcome Writer’s Block?

In one of his podcast episodes, Cal Newport mentions that he (and other professional writers) does not believe in writer's block. His stance is pretty similar to Chuck Close, who says, “Inspiration is for amateurs.” They state that what writer's block feels like for other people is just a usual process for an experienced writer. So,… Continue reading How to Overcome Writer’s Block?

Are New Year Resolutions Worth It?

'Tis that time of the year again. With Christmas just knocking at the door, most of us are gearing up to have a set of resolutions to fulfil the upcoming year. We look back, see what was missing, set a determined goal to do something different next year. We start the new year with jest… Continue reading Are New Year Resolutions Worth It?

My Favourite [Bookish] Quotes

I love books. I love collecting quotes. In today's short post, I figured to write down ten of my favourite quotes from the various books I have had read over the years. Related Posts: My 5 Favourite Quotes More of my favourite quotes "Biology is not destiny, and love is not proportionate to shared DNA."… Continue reading My Favourite [Bookish] Quotes

More of my favourite mantras

A couple of weeks ago, I published an updated version of my favourite quotes. Since I had written about my favourite mantras a few months prior to that, I thought of updating it too. So here is a list of more mantras that I've added to the record since the last time. Begin.Make time.Express yourself.Trust… Continue reading More of my favourite mantras