Embracing Hardships

This is one of my rambly posts, just something I wrote for myself and decided to share it here. I tried to keep it short. However, if this is not for you, feel free to skip! 🙂 I will be back soon with something more useful! Whether you are dealing with a financial problem or… Continue reading Embracing Hardships

A trip down the memory lane: ‘Calvin and Hobbes’

I don't quite remember the first time I stumbled into this comic. All I know is that I was small and I probably read it in the comic section of the newspaper. While Garfield made some meme-worthy faces and Snoopy lay on his doghouse, as usual, I was drawn towards the smart and vividly imaginative… Continue reading A trip down the memory lane: ‘Calvin and Hobbes’

My Experience with Journaling

If I am being truthful enough, I'd say that I do not maintain a journal consistently. I love writing. It is a form of self-expression for me. It is therapeutic. I have been journaling since I was 9 years old. I felt motivated to start a journal after reading about Tom Riddle's diary from Harry… Continue reading My Experience with Journaling

Time Management Tips (‘Secrets’ Edition)

Recently, I completed Martin Manser's Secrets: Time Management. I picked up the book at a book fair for just half the price and I must admit, it was worth it. Martin Manser pens down various practical tips to manage your time effectively and be intentional with your productivity. So, after reading the book, I decided… Continue reading Time Management Tips (‘Secrets’ Edition)

The Power of Checklists

If there were a list of things that make me more comfortable, lists would be on the top of that list. - Sheldon Cooper, The Big Bang Theory Anyone else relates to this? I know that I can. Humans have a tendency to complicate things. We are complex human beings, it's in our nature. And while… Continue reading The Power of Checklists