The Need to Slow Down

Another rambling post. Feel free to skip if you want. I took a break from blogging from mid-February to mid-March. It was not planned. It just happened. Although I had to struggle a bit to conform to the newfound arrangement, with time, it became a new normal. I am big on consistency. Last year, I… Continue reading The Need to Slow Down

Monthly Favourites #4: June 2020

Here are my favourite things for the month of June! Favourite Book I am a Potterhead. However, when it comes to rereading books, I am not much into it. Last month, I issued the audiobook of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and started listening to it. It had been years since I revisited Harry Potter and I loved… Continue reading Monthly Favourites #4: June 2020

Monthly Favourites #3: May 2020

Here are my May favourites! Favourite Book I read Sarah J. Maas' Catwoman: Soulstealer last month. This is the first time I have read one of her books and I loved the story and her writing. I am so eager to check out her other novels. If you're a fan of Sarah J. Maas or… Continue reading Monthly Favourites #3: May 2020

Monthly Favourites #1: March 2020

This particular idea had been in my mind since a long time now. And finally, I have succumbed to it and started writing it. I call this category "Monthly Favourites", where I dig up my favourite things that I have witnessed/experienced the past month and pen them down here. I feel like this is a… Continue reading Monthly Favourites #1: March 2020

2020 Resolutions

Happy 2020! Since it's the beginning of a new year, let's talk about resolutions. New Year resolutions are overrated, or that's what some people say. However, there's something about a 'blank canvas' that intrigues us all. A new year is basically so, in my opinion. A blank canvas. A fresh start. A new beginning. Somehow,… Continue reading 2020 Resolutions

Biggest Lesson of 2019

2020 is just 2 days away and it is time to reflect upon the lessons learnt during the span of this year. This year has been a long ride for me. The highlight, though, is that I completed my postgraduate degree and that too, with good grades. One thing that I have learnt this year… Continue reading Biggest Lesson of 2019

Re-watching Every FRIENDS Christmas Episodes

Since the last 2 weeks, I have been watching the FRIENDS Christmas episodes. I have been a FRIENDS fan for a long time now. It was one of the first American sitcoms I've ever watched. And it is one of the few shows that I keep re-watching (the one apart from FRIENDS is The Big… Continue reading Re-watching Every FRIENDS Christmas Episodes

Judging and Being Judged

Last Monday, I had to go to court for some personal stuff. On my way back, I boarded a bus and finding a vacant seat next to a lady, I went ahead and took the seat. After about 5 minutes or so, the lady told me to situate myself differently. I thought that maybe she… Continue reading Judging and Being Judged

Plans for the Blog in 2020

Hey there! It has been a long time since I have posted anything here. When I started this blog, I did it simply to pursue a passion of mine – aka, writing. I love reading blogs, websites and email newsletters and this was something I wanted to dip my toes in and see how it… Continue reading Plans for the Blog in 2020


She looks at the weary reflection on the mirror, her eyes telling a thousand tales with the unshed tears. As she delves into the depths of her mind, shedding light upon her personal canvas, she is confronted with her longings and desires; her desires, which were invalidated due to the inevitability of time. Her only… Continue reading Hope