It’s okay to take a break

After experimenting with my schedule for sometime this year, I fixed a biweekly posting frequency on this blog. I planned to post every Wednesday and Saturday. However, last Saturday, I diverted from the said frequency. I don’t have an excuse apart from that life got in the way. Could I have still posted it accordingly?… Continue reading It’s okay to take a break

Time Management Tips (‘Secrets’ Edition)

Recently, I completed Martin Manser's Secrets: Time Management. I picked up the book at a book fair for just half the price and I must admit, it was worth it. Martin Manser pens down various practical tips to manage your time effectively and be intentional with your productivity. So, after reading the book, I decided… Continue reading Time Management Tips (‘Secrets’ Edition)

Plans for the Blog in 2020

Hey there! It has been a long time since I have posted anything here. When I started this blog, I did it simply to pursue a passion of mine – aka, writing. I love reading blogs, websites and email newsletters and this was something I wanted to dip my toes in and see how it… Continue reading Plans for the Blog in 2020