My Favourite [Bookish] Quotes

I love books. I love collecting quotes. In today's short post, I figured to write down ten of my favourite quotes from the various books I have had read over the years. Related Posts: My 5 Favourite Quotes More of my favourite quotes "Biology is not destiny, and love is not proportionate to shared DNA."… Continue reading My Favourite [Bookish] Quotes

More of my favourite mantras

A couple of weeks ago, I published an updated version of my favourite quotes. Since I had written about my favourite mantras a few months prior to that, I thought of updating it too. So here is a list of more mantras that I've added to the record since the last time. Begin.Make time.Express yourself.Trust… Continue reading More of my favourite mantras

My 15 Favourite Mantras

I was planning to jot down some tips that I read in Martin Manser's book Secrets: Time Management last week. However, with the current situation, it looks a bit odd to dole out some time management tips that I came across in some book. So, I ended up taking some inspiration from my last blog… Continue reading My 15 Favourite Mantras

My 5 Favourite Quotes

I have to be honest here. I chose this topic because this week I couldn't write much. I had some stressful days regarding my health. I am better now, but I did not feel well during the entire week and I ended up messing up my writing schedule. That being said, I had this particular… Continue reading My 5 Favourite Quotes