Book Review #17: ‘Creating Gods’

Note: A big thanks to the author, Omar Newtown Wilson, for sending me a copy of Creating Gods: The truth about you in 30 minutes in exchange for my honest review.

Name: Creating Gods: The truth about you in 30 minutes

Author: Omar Newton Wilson

Genre: Self-help, Non-fiction

Book in One Sentence

Creating Gods: The truth about you in 30 minutes by Omar Newton Wilson states how you are a conscious being in the universe, fully equipped with awareness and the ability to observe everything, God-tier.


According to the author, it is your perception that matters. Perceptions are infinite and every point of view is valid. With so many options in front of us, which one should we adopt? In this book, Omar Wilson discusses this very question from a philosophical viewpoint. The aim of this book is to encourage your growth, instil motivation and set you on a path of awakening.


The Concept of Language & Mind

The concepts of language and the mind are interrelated. Our minds are capable of diagnosing and interpreting various complex structures that are too extensive to express verbally and/or in writing. However, human beings are still the most capable and intelligent species on earth. We are adaptable and brilliant. Yet, we have participated in countless and trivial wars throughout the centuries. With the help of Creating Gods, you will be able to challenge these age-old perceptions and build new ones.

Visualisation & Understanding

Another important point in the book, is the concept of visualisation and understanding them. Even in this case, we must keep in mind the concept of language. For instance, while describing a rock in the absence of language, we are forced to use the senses of smell and touch. This engages the reader to understand how the sense of perception plays an important role in our day-to-day lives.

The Ending

This short-read shows how we can change our perception and observe everything on a God-tier level. This is a philosophical read. The book is not constricted to a single religion. No matter your religious or spiritual inclination (or the lack of it), you will be able to benefit from it. The author comes to numerous realisations and conclusions by the effort of observation.

Significance of the Title

The title, Creating Gods, talks about how there are infinite perspectives. However, assessing and understanding our position in the universe, with socially constructed lenses, gives rise to startling discoveries. But, this is how we learn.

Final Take

Creating Gods by Omar Wilson provokes critical thinking and encourages us to strive towards our potential. However, while the concepts are easy to comprehend, the diction is a bit verbose. Apart from that, the book is fairly edited.

An infinite amount of degrees from which to receive data. An infinite amount of truths. Now, as a user, we have a word for this. We call it perspective.

Omar Wilson, Creating Gods

My Ratings

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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