[ARC] Book Review #18: ‘Secret of the Sea’

The author, Malcolm Mejin, kindly sent me a digital version of his book, Secret of the Sea (Diary of a Rich Kid #3), in exchange for my honest review. A huge thanks to the author for letting me be a part of it.


Name: Secret of the Sea

Author: Malcolm Mejin

Genre: Children’s Fiction

Book in One Sentence

Secret of the Sea (Diary of a Rich Kid #3) by Malcolm Mejin tells the story of Robin, who goes on a vacation underwater, along with his friends and family, in order to get away from the coronavirus pandemic.


The book, Secret of the Sea, talks about the coronavirus pandemic and how Robin, along with his friends and family tackles the situation. Being the son of a billionaire, Robin has no shortage of cool things, ranging from living in a mansion to travelling underwater, in a submarine. However, Robin is not only a rich kid. He is also a loyal friend, ready to stand up for the people loves. In this book, we follow Robin’s adventures underwater and how he becomes a part of a big secret!


🤝 Friendship

One of the biggest traits of Robin is being a playful yet good friend. This can be seen in his interactions with his best friend, Charlie. They might be bickering with each other constantly but underneath all the chaos, they care for each other. The feeling is mutual. Robin’s care and love for his best friend showcase rather strongly when Charlie’s life was in danger at the end of the novel. That being said, Robin does not only care for his best friend but also his other friends. He is not at all haughty and snobbish as a rich kid. In fact, he is shown to share and enjoy with his friends.

💪 Courage

At the end of the book, Robin’s courage becomes apparent. Not only is he curious about confronting the mysterious merboy but he is not afraid to get out of the submarines, into the water and venture into the unknown. He is also loyal towards his other friends, which showed when he tried to save them from the impending whirlpool. Later, when the Crown tried to kill Charlie, he tried everything in his power to stop it from happening.

❤️ Compassion

Robin’s feat is not limited to saving lives. He is also very compassionate towards the people he cares for. When he realised that his father’s business was hampering the marine life, he promised Lexus, the merboy, immediately to make it stop. Even after going back to the submarine, he did not forget about his promise and kept his end of the bargain. He does everything in his power to prevent his father from continuing the project that is unknowingly hindering the lives of marine animals.

The Ending

Ultimately, all’s well that ends well! We see Robin and his friends not only safe and sound on land but also, they had managed to stop the construction of the hotel by his father’s company. As the coronavirus pandemic was a curse put forth by the Crown, they had managed to subdue it with the help of Lexus. The pandemic seems to be over and Robin and his friend are back to school, living their boring student lives while reminiscing about their sea adventure!

Significance of the Title

Secret of the Sea (Diary of a Rich Kid #3) is an apt title for this book. The format closely resembles that of a diary, where Robin has documented his adventures under the sea. He also talks about the secret he confronted underwater, along with his inner thoughts in the form of a monologue.

Final Thoughts

All in all. I believe that Secret of the Sea is an appropriate book for children, who are definitely the target audience. The story is funny and lighthearted which will keep the young readers engaged. However, the pace of the story is a bit inconstant. The actual plot occurs in the last 50 pages of the story. A little bit of an early start would have definitely smoothened the pace of the story a bit more. While I appreciate the author’s jest to incorporate certain unfamiliar words into the book (which, I believe, will help the readers expand their vocabulary), it seems a bit overdone. There were also a couple of typos in the book, but that seems to be hardly a concern as I got the ARC before its release. However, that being said, I truly believe that this story will keep young readers interested till the very last page.

My Ratings

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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